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What plants can you grow in aquaponics?

There is a wide selection of plants that you can grow via the aquaponics technique. From simple spices to fruit-growing shrubs, aquaponics can help you produce aesthetically pleasing and natural-grown fruits and vegetables. However, before you start planting, there are a few things to think about. Consider that some plants flourish in smaller systems, but […]

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How to raise salmon in aquaponics?

To raise salmon in aquaponics, you should closely monitor your water quality within the required parameters to ensure a healthy environment for the fish and plants in your chosen system. Some of the factors you should keep an eye on are the pH range, temperature, and oxygen level. Although salmon aquaponics might be tricky and […]

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How Does Aquaponics Work?

Aquaponics is a symbiotic habitat that blends traditional aquaculture with hydroponics (plant cultivation in water). In this organic setting, excretions from aquatic creatures (snails, fish, crayfish, or prawns) are collected using a hydroponic system that works as a settling basin; the by-products break down as nitrites and nitrates, which are used as nutrients by the […]

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Is Aquaponics Environmentally Friendly?

Aquaponics is a popular sustainable food manufacturing technique that combines vegetative and fish cultivation principles. Compared with traditional farming, aquaponics is much more eco-friendly primarily because it is soilless, which means the challenges associated with soil growing are effectively dealt with. In this article, I will explore more how aquaponics is an environmentally friendly method […]

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